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  • Men's Paithani jacket and kurta

    Men's Paithani jacket and kurta (2)

    Exclusive Men's Paithani jacket and kurta
  • Paithani accessories

    Paithani accessories (14)

    Paithani Accessories - There are many paithani products in the market. Paithani tray, paithani frames, paithani key holder etc. are our signature products. Handcrafted with high quality fabrics and stlylish. Above all, it is in reasonable rate. In addition, we can customized paithani tray and frames as per your requirement. You can give this products in the wedding and festive…
  • Paithani blouse pieces

    Paithani blouse pieces (7)

    Would you love to grab paithani accesories in various colors and in reasonable rates...something very different from usual one...giving you festive charm...style your fest in different but uniquely elegant way only...Be in today's fashion. You can find varities of motifs are there in dupatta like peacock pair with vase, square butti, koyari butti, musical instruments, munia and popat, silver zari,…
  • Paithani Chappal

    Paithani Chappal (1)

    Handmade Paithani Chappal. As per your size Material: Paithani fabric and Recycled rubber Anti skid
  • Paithani Dupatta

    Paithani Dupatta (4)

    Paithani dupattas are available in a variety of colours and motifs– round butti, square butti, koyri, flowers, swan.  A huge range of traditional colors makes Paithani dupattas simply irresistible!  Due to rich look, Paithani dupattas are worn mainly at festive season and wedding functions. Paithani dupattas are coveted for its luxurious feel. They have always been on top of every…
  • Paithani frock

    Paithani frock (9)

    Have you grab Paithani frock for your little ones? If not... get it now...
  • Paithani mask

    Paithani mask (4)

    Paithani mask - Due to covid2019 mask is unavoidable part of our life. Currently, we see various types mask in market. What if you get stlylish mask which is made from Paithani?
  • Paithani Purses

    Paithani Purses (24)

    We have listed all available paithani purses which include paithani clutches, paithani handbag and paithani sling bag. Above, all it is in reasonable rate. We have 32+ types of paithani purses from Rs. 100 to 1400. All purses are available in multi colours. You can buy paithani purses and clutches online. We have other paithani accessories like paithani kurti material,…
  • Pure Paithani Kurti Material

    Pure Paithani Kurti Material (4)

    Pure Paithani kurti material - Drape in tradtion. something very different from usual one. Giving you festive charm. Style your fest in different but uniquely elegant way only...Be in today's fashion. All above, it is in reasonable rate. We use high quality pure silk to craft Pure Paithani Kurti Material. It has front side butti and different motifs like flowers,…
  • Semi Paithani Kurti Material

    Semi Paithani Kurti Material (5)

    Semi Paithani Kurti Material Buy exclusive paithani kurti material in reasonable rate. Now, are seeing more growth in the paithani kurti material than paithani saree. As young generation more attracts in this category. We have paithani kurti material which is available in multi colors. on kurti material you can see butti on front side and peacock pair with vase. Cloth…
  • Paithani Jacket

    Paithani Jacket (3)

    Paithani jacket is a craft limited to India in terms of manufacturing, but its market has reached worldwide since ancient times. There has been a little addition to range of products in which Paithani textile is used. Along with nine yard and six yard sarees, the artisans also weave paithani dress material, paithani dupatta, and paithani jackets. Lifestyle products such…