Paithani Jacket

Paithani jacket is a craft limited to India in terms of manufacturing, but its market has reached worldwide since ancient times.

There has been a little addition to range of products in which Paithani textile is used. Along with nine yard and six yard sarees, the artisans also weave paithani dress material, paithani dupatta, and paithani jackets. Lifestyle products such as paithani purses and in upholstery curtains and cushion covers are made.

We have listed all available paithani jackets which have peacock, swan and flower motifs on it. We can customised paithani jackets per your size and fitings.

Also, you can buy all paithani products ( purses and clutches) online.

We have other paithani accessories like paithani kurti material, paithani dupatta, paithani tray and paithani tea coaster.

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